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Cheerleader GF Flashing Titties

September 16th, 2012 by Shayne | Comments Off on Cheerleader GF Flashing Titties | Filed in Ex GF Pics

amateur cheerleaders flashing

Double trouble, toil and bubble, these blonde cheerleaders are hot and horny and ready to show their boyfriend how close they really are. They snapped some photos of themselves flashing all of their naughty bits, clothes on and off, in the hopes that he would drive over and give them a good hard ride. When they leave him in the dust he uses these photos to exact his revenge, posting them to GF revenge and letting the whole world see that cheerleaders really do like to get close in the locker room, especially when it comes to their shaved pussies!

Cheerleader GF Flashing

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Hot GF Gets Fresh Creampie

September 13th, 2012 by Shayne | Comments Off on Hot GF Gets Fresh Creampie | Filed in Ex GF Pics

amateur gf creampie

Dating a smart girl can have it’s draw backs. Sure she is great for conversation, but she isn’t the kind to just drop everything and suck your cock whenever you want her too. Thankfully this guy got a brainy beauty that happened to also love to fuck, so it wasn’t a challenge for him to show her his dick and get his way with her, even when she was in the middle of studying. From a steamy blow job to a nice hard fuck session this busty brunette was willing to do whatever he wanted and he liked it that way, must be why when she left he posted all of their content to GF Revenge!

Amateur GF Creampie

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Girlfriend Fucks another Girl for BF

September 10th, 2012 by Shayne | Comments Off on Girlfriend Fucks another Girl for BF | Filed in Ex GF Pics

lesbian gf sex

What kind of man would ever give up a woman who was willing to have sex with another woman not once, but twice for his viewing pleasure? Well seeing all that lesbian action should have raised a flag or two, because eventually his lady left him for another lady, but that didn’t stop him from capturing some great threesome footage, before she took off, that he has posted to GF revenge. Watch him and his little former nymph get busy with two different horny girls, sucking and fucking one another to completion in these steamy amateur videos, only on GF revenge!

Lesbian GF Sex

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Hot GFs Flashing Tits

September 8th, 2012 by Shayne | Comments Off on Hot GFs Flashing Tits | Filed in Ex GF Pics

naughty teen girlfriends

Any girl who is stupid enough to let her man video tape them while fucking in ridiculous ways is asking to be a featured on GF Revenge. None of these ladies had any idea what their man was planning on doing with the footage he was taking, but they all should have known that the moment they walked on his heart they were going live on the net. From crazy threesomes to drunken lesbian encounters, these men have some serious dirt on their former ladies and are not afraid to show the world! Check them out today on GF Revenge!

GF Revenge

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Hot GF Sucking Cock in Car

September 8th, 2012 by Shayne | Comments Off on Hot GF Sucking Cock in Car | Filed in Ex GF Pics

gf athlete blowjob

You know what they say about girls who play sports; they tend to play for the other team, if you catch our drift. These track and field ladies love to sweat together in more ways than one. In their tight blue outfits there is no stopping the amount of one another that these ladies see, and when they are on their way to meets, they psych themselves up with a little pre game foreplay. From touching each other’s tits to licking and sucking one another’s pussies these track stars are horny and ready to run the distance in making each other cum, cum, cum!

Girlfriend BJ Pics

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Teen GF Masturbation Pics

September 8th, 2012 by Shayne | Comments Off on Teen GF Masturbation Pics | Filed in Ex GF Pics

blonde girlfriend masturbating

This user submitted not one, but two of his horny ex-girlfriends for your viewing pleasure. The first, a skinny little blonde who loves to do the splits, splits open her pants and lets him discover that this little slut isn’t wearing any panties under her bright blue jeans. He goes in for a little stroke and is rewarded with a big fat blow job, but it looks like this horny guy wasn’t done there. Soon he has a brunette babe laying on his bed fingering her own ass hole for his pleasure before letting him fuck her and cum all over her stomach.

Masturbating Girlfriend Photos

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Naughty Blonde GF Fucked

September 8th, 2012 by Shayne | Comments Off on Naughty Blonde GF Fucked | Filed in Ex GF Pics

blonde gf drilled

It’s time for another tale of heart ache and revenge on GF revenge! This lovely blonde haired blue eyed babe was the love of this horny college boys life. The two traveled the world together, seeing the most beautiful places and having the craziest sex wherever they went. He always kept a video diary of their travels so that someday they could show their kids, but when she ran off with some tall dark and handsome bastard in Costa Rica this broken hearted dude decided to get even by posting some of their most intimate moments right here on GF revenge!

Cheating GF

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Getting Revenge on My GF Rebecca

September 4th, 2012 by admin | Comments Off on Getting Revenge on My GF Rebecca | Filed in GF Videos

revenge on gf
While on vacation one summer this lucky bastard got to see his then girlfriend do something most guys only dream off; he got to see her fuck another girl. The best part? She let him video tape the whole thing! After watching his girlfriend service another woman, eating her long and hard on the bed, the couple got to take turns getting and giving oral with their horny new friend and soon this lucky ass hole was fucking both of them in the hotel room. The plan backfired when the GF left him for the girl, but the jokes on them because he still has the content which he gleefully shared with GF Revenge!

Girlfriend Cheating Videos

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